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    The Red Lotus Order (Heretics) are a loose organization of would-be prophets. United by shared dreams from the Goddess, they have come together to restore balance and life to the wartorn lands. The Red Lotus Empire believes the members are charlitans and subvert their attempts to gather Ancient Relics they need to rescue the Goddess.

    The Wolfheart Tribe (Bandits) remember a time before the war when the forest was lush and land was at peace. Since then, they have worked tirelessly to preserve nature and redistribute resources from the greedy Red Lotus Lords into the hands of the workers. They are a clandestine organization active throughout the Empire.

    The Seven Seas Scoundrels (Pirates) carved out a niched as smugglers and bootleggers. Their main adversary is the Seven Seas Federation, which controls trade whereever the ocean touches. The pirates' flag strikes fear and eminity in the hearts of the Federation, and excitement and hope in the souls of the people.

    The Glacial Exiles (Raiders) were driven to warmer climates in search of food and work, they were struck by a language barrier and xenophobia. On the brink of starvation, the Glacial Exiles turned to pillaging to gather food and supplies for survival. They are often confused with the Marauders, who enjoy wanton killing and stealing. The Glacial Exiles believe they should take only what you need and harm no innocent.

    The Dark Covenant (Cursed) are denizens of the Dark Realm, the smog-chocked wastelands where the sun is nothing more than a red sore in the crimson sky. They cannot die, but they must leech the life of others to survive. Parents in the Empire use their legends to scare their children into behaving well. They are led by Queen Chione and their capital is on Kalma Isle.

    The Uprising (The Eternals) are the war machines which were forced to work by the Empire after the Automaton War. A prophesy by the Circle of Oracles said that whoever helps liberate the machines shall save the world from the coming apocalypse and live forever. A small band of rebels took the calling and helped the machine together start the Uprising. With the blessing of the Circle of Oracles, they are slowly destroying the Empire from within.